Flysurfer Sonic Full Race
Flysurfer Sonic Full Race from $2,199.00
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Flysurfer Boost LEI
Flysurfer Boost LEI from $1,560.00
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Xenon LaLuz 2015
Xenon LaLuz 2015 $999.00
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North Jaime Pro 2015
North Jaime Pro 2015 $939.00
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Ozone R1 Racekite
Ozone R1 Racekite from $2,349.00
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North Rebel 2015
North Rebel 2015 from $1,439.00
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Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
Cabrinha Switchblade 2015 from $1,600.00
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Quickblade V-Drive
Quickblade V-Drive from $499.00
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Quickblade Trifecta
Quickblade Trifecta from $499.00
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GoPro Hero4  Black Edition
GoPro Hero4 Black Edition $649.00
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Evolve Electric Skateboard Carbon Series
Evolve Electric Skateboard Carbon Series from $1,599.00
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Evolve Electric Skateboard Bamboo Series
Evolve Electric Skateboard Bamboo Series $1,149.00
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$200 Voucher
$200 Voucher $200.00
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Ronstan Windshift Sunglasses
Ronstan Windshift Sunglasses $109.99
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GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition
GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition $519.00
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Go Pro Hero 4
Go Pro Hero 4 $129.99
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Fanatic Allwave LTD Carbon 2015
Fanatic Allwave LTD Carbon 2015 from $2,575.00
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Fanatic Fly Air Premium 2015
Fanatic Fly Air Premium 2015 $1,049.00
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NSP Elemental SUP
NSP Elemental SUP $1,199.00
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North Gambler 2015
North Gambler 2015 $979.00
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CamOne Infinity NEW
CamOne Infinity NEW $299.00
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Airstyle DVD 666 Tricks
Airstyle DVD 666 Tricks $49.95
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JP Australia Allround
JP Australia Allround from $1,399.00
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2015 Coreban Pure EZ 10'0
2015 Coreban Pure EZ 10'0 $1,999.00
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Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus
Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus from $2,400.00
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Ozone Chrono
Ozone Chrono from $500.00
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Sector 9 Sea Shepherd Limited Edition
Sector 9 Sea Shepherd Limited Edition $249.00
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LockRack $235.00
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NKB CAP 59FIFTY Old Boy $59.00
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NKB CAP 9FIFTY Gradient $59.00
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North Tee Logo Girls
North Tee Logo Girls $45.00
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North Logo Tee
North Logo Tee $45.00
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Ozone Race Control System
Ozone Race Control System from $280.00
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North X-Ride 2015
North X-Ride 2015 $1,249.00
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Cabrinha XCaliber Pro
Cabrinha XCaliber Pro $850.00
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Quickblade Kanaha Elite Race
Quickblade Kanaha Elite Race from $399.00
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Quickblade Kahana All Carbon
Quickblade Kahana All Carbon $339.00
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Quickblade Super Fly Paddle Full Carbon
Quickblade Super Fly Paddle Full Carbon $319.00
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Flyweight Fiberglass
Flyweight Fiberglass $189.00
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Kanaha All Carbon Outrigger
Kanaha All Carbon Outrigger $289.00
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Infinity 3.0 Race Control Bar
Infinity 3.0 Race Control Bar $680.00
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2013 North Vegas

September 07, 2012

The 2013 North Vegas has landed in our shop. Our teamriders are fully stoked with this completely new designed North C-kite. We will write some Reviews once we all had a proper testing of the kite. Here are the designers notes from Ralf Booom! Here it is - THE VEGAS! Get an insight view into the development and check out the new features of the ultimate Freestyle/Wakestyle-Machine. Tom Court, Tom Hebert, Mario Rodwald and Thomas Paris have been the chosen ones to test this amazing toy! Vegas Development By Ralf Grösel The testing and fine-tuning started with the small sizes, from 6 to 10m. Even with just those sizes we made some major changes, I’d even go so far as to...

Continue Reading >

2013 Cabrinha Chaos

August 15, 2012

The 2013 Cabrinha Chaos is Cabrinha's answer to the demand of their freestyle team riders like Alberto Rondina to have a pure freestyle dedicated kite in the range. The Chaos is a bridled C-kite which is designed to have the best performance possible in Freestyle competitions like the PKRA world freestyle tour where riders need max pop and release from a kite to perform unhooked tricks. We expect from a c-kite a very responsive kite will lots of feedback and constant and consistent pull when unhooking.  The Chaos has a lot of power through the turns and loops and is very quick turning hence stable when parked ready to load up. The Chaos's 5 struts design give the kite lot...

Continue Reading >