North Soleil 2013

The North Soleil 2013 remains the high performance freestyle board, now completed with a constant rocker and a cylindrical concave, being the choice for progressive female riders.

As the performance standard of female new-school riders continues to evolve at a rapid rate, so does the demand for female specific boards to suit their unique needs. The Soleil has all the performance characteristics you would expect from a high end new school board, like huge pop and solid landings, while also featuring optimized size and flex designed specifically with female riders’ unique demands in mind.The outline of the board and the flex have not only been tuned specifically for lighter female riders, but also for riders without as much power in their legs.This enables the girls to shred just as hard as the guys with a board that works for them. The ride is smooth and comfortable, eating up the chop and offering plenty of grip.Popping has never been easier with the board working hard to ensure you get the maximum height. Upwind is great and the board carves really well, the narrow outline allowing the rider to get from edge to edge with ease.

 Best used with the NTT strap/binding system, which comes in a S/M size, perfect for smaller feet. Ladies, we built this board for you, now is the time to jump onboard and show us what you can do.

 This is THE definitive choice for progressive female riders looking to push the performance envelope at their local beaches or at a World Cup level. Customized stance width, foot pads and straps complete the package along with some edgy graphics for a bit of stylish flair!

 With optimized flex tailored specifically to women's weight, this board provides massive pop for female freestylers looking to jump and throw technical tricks! A little bit more scoop is responsible for less water in your face, a little bit more grip and easier turning.

 Other customized accessories include smaller foot straps and specialized fins with female kiters' specific needs in mind. And let's not forget the progressive graphics to keep things stylish!

 Last but for sure not least, rounded center rails allow a smoother ride and saver landings.

 North Kiteboarding Track System:

Kiteboarding is evolving at an amazing pace. As a result of this development, the demands on the material are increasing as well.Due to new tricks and an increased variety of people who engage in the sport, it has become more and more important that the entire equipment can be individually adjusted.

For this reason North have set out to develop a multifunctional mounting system for their boards. What North envisaged was a solution that would allow a wide range of adjustments as well as quick and easy mounting of the footpads without having a negative influence on the board’s flex and weight.

 The result of this effort is a system that meets all our requirements. North proudly present the new THE TRACK SYSTEM!

 The Track System features two ultrasonic welded tracks made of fibreglass reinforced plastic that are laminated into their boards in the production process. The tracks are then CNC milled out of the finished board.

The Track Nuts provide the connection with the footpad. The Track Nuts are made of non-corrosive brass and can be freely moved along the track to both sides. This system offers a whole range of possibilities to mount your footpads. One particular advantage is that the flexible tracks do not interfere with the finely-tuned flex of North boards.


Construction / Technology:

3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich:
2013 is a big leap forward in board technology as North Kiteboarding introduces the 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich in combination with the Responsive Centre Flex. Combining the unique properties of wood core and carbon fibre, with an advanced flex pattern from a CNC milled 3D deck and concave bottom, the 2013 North Kiteboard range is setting a new standard in performance, comfort and durability.

Technology Leader:
The unique thing about the 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich is the fully 3D shaped wood core with the advanced deck flex pattern and concave bottom. This type of advanced step cap sandwich construction, in combination with a concave bottom has previously only been possible to manufacture with foam cores, which have certain limitations regarding flex, core thickness and shear strength. Thanks to North's strong R&D focus and collaboration with one of the world’s leading snowboard factories, North Kiteboarding is the first company in the world to introduce 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich. This technology opens up a new door for flex development. In terms of kiteboards it means a significant performance boost and a whole new level of comfort for the rider.

The strong, fibrous structure of the wood core allow for a thinner core profile and a higher amount of bending compared with a traditional foam core, without the risk of breakage. The result is a board with a greater amount of flex, working as an active suspension while riding, providing a smooth and controlled feeling even through rough water.

Thanks to the natural flex characteristics and spring back of the wood core, our new boards have a responsive and lively feel on the water, without sacrificing the comfort. A further step in technology is the Responsive Centre Flex. The result is a highly responsive, yet still forgiving board, with instant feedback to the rider’s input.

The 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich construction has a higher amount of flex and torsion than a traditional foam core. This allows the board to quickly adapt to every impact from the water surface, giving the rider more space for mistakes, without the risk of loosing control. What the rider will experience is a board that’s easy to set up for take off and forgiving in the landings, and maintains good grip when riding full speed through choppy water.


North's wood core has three times higher density than a standard foam core, and much greater strength and impact resistance. Fatigue resistance, the ability to withstand stress caused by thousands of impacts and hard landings over time, has been significantly improved. Heel dents, split cores and cracked laminates are history. The new 3D Wood Carbon Cap Sandwich is the strongest construction we’ve ever made, reassuring a long life and functionality for your kiteboard.

3D Decks Responsive Centre Flex: 
For 2013 North have worked hard to further enhance the feeling and performance of our twin tips through innovation. A harmonic flex from front to rear means that the rocker line is actively changing and adapting to the water’s surface, which gives you pro active dampening and absorption of chop. Furthermore, the continuous flex offers increased power flow for hard pop, making take-offs easier and more predictable. Torsional Absorption
System offers smoother, stickier landings, a more solid feel through the water, more grip on the heel-side edge and consequently better upwind performance. Flex Tips give you more control when combined with lower bottom curve as well as responsive, controllable pop and cushioned, comfortable landings.

 Absorption Flex Tips:

The flex tips are reinforced with transversal ribs for increased torsional stiffness to create a more aggressive edge grip and pop while the longtitudinal flex remains moderate for a smooth and forgiving ride. The result is maximum performance, control and durability in combination with a high level of comfort.

Super Flight Core:
Keeps the kiteboard extremely light and responsive yet durable enough to withstand all the abuse that this style of riding can dish out!

Medium Flex:
Allowing you to ride a majority of water conditions without compromising on performance.

Who is the board designed for:
If you're looking for a lively, fast and incredibly smooth ride to progress your riding, the North Soleil is as good as it gets!

Riding Style: Freeriding / Freestyle / Jumping

Skill Level: Intermediate / Expert

North Soleil 2013 Kiteboard - Length / Width:

  • North Soleil 2013 - 128 x 37.0cm
  • North Soleil 2013 - 131 x 38.0cm
  • North Soleil 2013 - 134 x 39.0cm

North Soleil 2013 Key Features:

  • Optimised flex for women
  • Precise and Solid Landing
  • Massive pop plus control
  • Responsive Centre Flex
  • Great Control and Pop
  • Fast and Smooth
  • 3D Carbon Cap Sandwich
  • Customised features for women

Complete with:


  • North Vario or Entity Multi-Adjustable Footstraps
  • North Footplate Pads
  • North S-Bend Fins
  • North Grab Handle